Prescription Drug Addiction

Prescription drug addiction is becoming an increasing problem for a lot of people. In reality it is probably no more common than it used to be but there is now much more awareness of it. That being said with more and more drugs being prescribed every year the problem is likely to get worse. Therefore it is important to be able to recognize the symptoms of prescription drug addiction, especially if you have been using them on a regular basis.

Prescription Drug AddictionPrescription drug addiction is really no different than any other type of addiction because prescription drugs work the same as any other drug. The only thing that is different is likely the way that the addiction got started. In the case of prescription drugs it was most likely the result of an illness or injury that got you started using the medications. However over time you came to depend on them and continued to use them even after you no longer needed them medically. This is fairly common and there are treatment options available.

The reason that people become addicted to prescription drugs is that like all drugs they can be habit forming if they are used to much. The purpose of a drug is to change your brain chemistry which in turn affects the way that your body functions. In some cases if the drug is used too much your brain chemistry will change to the point that it is no longer producing certain chemicals because it has come to rely on the drug to provide them. When this happens you are addicted and there will be physical symptoms if you try to stop using the drug.

Because of the fact that prolonged usage of prescription drugs will change your brain chemistry it is important that you make sure that you get treatment as soon as you can. The longer you wait the harder it is going to be to get over your addiction because the more dependent you will be on the drugs. Despite what you may have heard you do not have to hit rock bottom in order for treatment to work, in fact that just makes it harder. As soon as you recognize that you have a problem with prescription drug addiction it is time to get treatment.

The trick of course is recognizing that you are an addict. This can be a problem with prescription drugs since it can really sneak up on you. The key sign is if you are continuing to take the medication after you no longer need it medically. If your doctor tells you that you should no longer need the medication you probably don't so if you are continuing to take it this should be a warning sign. Things like using other people's prescriptions or faking symptoms to get more pill are of course a pretty clear sign as well.