How to spot addiction in relatives and/or loved ones?

In most cases if you have a loved one who is an addict it is going to be up to you to make sure that they get help, few addicts will do it on their own. This means that you have to be able to recognize the warning signs that somebody might be an addict. This can be tricky since most addicts are pretty good at covering it up.

The most sure way to tell if a loved one is an addict is that they have become dependent on the substance that they are addicted to. They won't be able to go for long periods of time without using the substance. In most cases it is pretty obvious that if they are using they are addicts. If somebody is using cocaine you can safely assume that they are an addict. In other cases however it can be more of a challenge, plenty of people drink alcohol without actually becoming addicted to it. It can also be hard to tell how often somebody uses a substance since most addicts are pretty good at hiding their usage. As a result you will probably need to find another way to determine if somebody is an addict.

In most cases you will find that addicts avoid or greatly reduce their contact with their family and friends. The main reason for this is that they are usually embarrassed about their addiction and they don't want you to find out about it. Obviously there may be other reasons that somebody doesn't want to be around their family but in any case it is definitely a warning sign.

Another sign that somebody may be an addict is that they have lost interest in things that they used to care about. This is something that is fairly common with most addicts, their addiction takes over their whole life and they lose interest in everything else. A definite warning sign is if they seem to lose interest in the basic necessities of life. If they are not eating or showing up for work than it is almost certainly an addiction and you need to be very concerned because if they have reached this point it is pretty serious.

Most addicts will also show a change in their daily patterns, this is mainly the result of the depression that usually comes with being addict. Most will find that they have trouble sleeping and this will lead to other changes in their patterns. If you notice that they are staying up all night and sleeping all day this should be a warning sign, especially if there is no obvious reason for it. If this is the case you should do an intervention. While it is possible that they have taken a night job that has resulted in change of schedule it is also a possibility that they are an addict. What you want to look for are changes that have no explanation.