Gambling Addiction

Gambling is a fairly common addiction and much more widespread than most people realize. This makes it important that you be aware of the symptoms so that you can recognize the problem before it gets completely out of control. The sooner that you get help for our gambling addiction the easier it will be to get over it so if you see signs that you may have a problem it is a good idea to get help right away.

Gambling AddictionA gambling addiction occurs when people have a compulsive need to gamble. In most cases this will result in them gambling even when they know that it is not a good idea. There are obviously some very serious consequences to gambling addiction since a lot of money can be lost in a very short time. This of course can lead to other problems like stealing in order to pay for your gambling addiction. Most compulsive gamblers will continue to gamble whether they are winning or losing which inevitably means that they will become losers, which tends to just encourage more gambling in the hopes of making it back.

One of the challenges with an addiction like gambling is being able to tell if you are actually an addict. Plenty of people gamble without ever becoming addicted so just how do you know if you have a problem? The biggest sign is that you can't control your gambling, you just keep going whether you are winning or losing. Another good sign is that you are gambling with money that you really can't afford to lose. If you feel that you need to keep your gambling a secret or if you have to rationalize it there is a pretty good chance that you are addicted to gambling.

If you determine that you are a gambling addict you are going to want to look into your treatment options. For most people the first step in this regard is a support group. In many cases being around other people who are trying to quit gambling and discussing your problems can be enough. In other cases you may find that you can benefit from one on one counseling so that you can address the issues of why you gamble. Regardless of how you address your gambling problem the key is to make sure that you actually do something about it.

In most cases people will find that they can quit gambling for a short time but that avoiding it permanently is a problem. This is true of all addicts but it is especially problematic for gamblers just because there is so much gambling around them. It is very hard to avoid gambling altogether since it is so wide spread. This means that you are really going to have to be aware of the things that trigger your gambling so that you can avoid falling back into old habits.