Smoking addiction and its effects on erectile dysfunction

Smoking has become one of the most urgent problems, faced by the health system of many countries in recent decades. Numerous medical studies have repeatedly proven that smoking has a detrimental effect on almost all organs.

Smoking effects on Erectile DysfunctionIf smoking firstly was viewed by people as a symbol of a free, bold and unfettered personality, now smoking is a symbol of a bygone era and just a bad habit.

Many people know that systematic smoking can quickly lead to addiction, which is caused by nicotine. The nicotine toxicity lies in its ability to cause constriction and spasm of blood vessels, and to increase blood pressure.

In addition, scientists have shown that dependence on smoking causes erectile dysfunction in men. Nicotine, tars and toxic gases, released during smoking, reduce sexual desire and performance.

Studies show that the risk of erectile dysfunction in male smokers is higher by 62%, compared to non-smokers. Toxic chemicals, inhaled during smoking, cause a significant damage to the liver, when getting into the body.

It is known that the liver plays an important role in the complex life-support system of the body. It is responsible for metabolism, blood cleansing from toxins, and is involved in the metabolism of some hormones.

Male sex hormone testosterone, responsible for the formation of male sex characteristics and sex drive, is synthesized in the liver, adrenal glands and testes. Carcinogens, contained in tobacco smoke, inhibit the function of these organs and reduce the production of testosterone.

Despite the fact that the age-related decline in testosterone level is normal for men, a low testosterone level in the reproductive age leads to erectile dysfunction, decreased libido and fertility.

Studies of German scientists confirmed that smoking addiction entails adverse changes in sperm. The semen density decreases under the nicotine influence, which deteriorates the motility and morphology of spermatozoa. Moreover, it was found that sperm DNA is also disrupted under the influence of nicotine.

Doctors have been talking about the negative effects of smoking on the blood vessels for a long time. Canadian researchers have conducted a unique study and found that smoking leads to the formation of cholesterol plaques and blood clots in arteries that leads to atherosclerosis.

If a man has atherosclerosis, it can spread to the arteries of the penis, as well. This threatens penile artery lumen occlusion that leads to the ED.

Both nicotine and toxic gases, inhaled with the tobacco smoke, have a negative impact on the normal erectile function in men. Nicotine causes constriction of blood vessels, thus lowering blood pressure throughout the body, including penis.

Men, prone to high blood pressure, are at risk of erectile dysfunction 25 times higher than the others. If you add constant smoking to this, it turns out that nicotine dependence has the most negative effect on potency.

Some time ago, US researchers conducted a meta-analysis of numerous studies on the impact of smoking dependence on erection. Ultimately, they found that about 42% of the total number of examined smokers suffers severe erectile disorders.

The researchers noted that smoking causes both acute and chronic problems with potency. It turns out that every cigarette you smoke immediately affects the sexual function, and eventually accumulated nicotine causes more serious problems.

It has long been established that smoking is detrimental to the CNS function. Some smokers claim that smoking improves their brain function and accelerates mental activity. Experts attribute this to the fact that the first small doses of nicotine cause momentary excitement.

But then, a brief period of excitement gives way to a long brake, headaches and premature fatigue. This is due to the fact that nerve cells are inhibited by nicotine and other components of tobacco smoke for a long time.

Namely this period is characterized by the neurosis condition that is aggravated by defective troubled sleep. Restlessness reduces the production of male hormones - androgens, which are responsible for libido and active sexual life.

Reduced androgen level in men entails erectile dysfunction and decreases libido. Increasingly often erection problems may develop in an inferiority complex, dissatisfaction and even depression with time.

According to the scientists, smoking and potency problems increase the risk of depression. In its turn, the depressive state only aggravates erectile dysfunction and reduces the quality of life.

Based on the WHO data, more than 150 million men over the age of 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is found that this sexual disorder progresses with age, which is deemed normal.

However, as it was found, the negative impact of smoking on erectile function in men is temporary and treatable. If a smoker can quit smoking, he has all the chances to restore his erectile function.

The new study of American doctors suggests that about 46% of those, who decided to quit smoking, were able to restore the previous erectile ability. But keep in mind that the likelihood of the potency recovery is significantly reduced, if atherosclerosis spreads to the penile arteries.

Quitting smoking reduces the risk of erectile dysfunction. Sexual functions are restored faster in young men. Therefore, if a man wants to lead a normal sexual life, he should give up bad habits and smoking as soon as possible.

A healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition are the measures, able to prevent the erectile dysfunction.