The effects of alcohol on erectile dysfunction

There are multiple causes and factors, contributing to the development of erectile dysfunction. These include bad habits, stress, chronic fatigue and excessive alcohol consumption.

There is a lot of data, confirming the positive effect of low alcohol doses on overall health. However, according to other studies, excessive alcohol consumption negatively affects human health and can cause erectile dysfunction.

Smoking alcohol on Erectile DysfunctionMany men mistakenly believe that alcohol consumption before a sexual intercourse improves sexual vigor and increases sexual desire. Here should be clarified that everything depends on the dose of alcohol and sensitivity to it.

Studies show that alcohol in low doses (1-2 glasses of wine a night) is really capable to relieve stress, enhance sexual desire and cause blood flow to the pelvic organs. On the contrary, a high dose of alcohol can cause a reverse body reaction and ruin a romantic evening and mood.

Moreover, according to experts, regular alcohol consumption in large doses can lead not only to erectile problems and reduced sexual desire, but also to alcohol dependence.

It is proved that alcohol abuse leads to libido inhibition. Thus, man needs more time for arousal each consecutive time. In addition, such alcohol-induced erectile dysfunctions, as premature ejaculation, weak or irregular erection gradually begin to appear.

Numerous studies have shown that constant consumption of alcoholic beverages in large amounts can lead not only to serious problems with ED, but to health problems in general.

Experts always pay men’s attention to the close relationship between sexual activity and their life style. Alcohol, recreational drugs, and smoking reduce the immunity and ruin human health.

The negative impact of alcohol on the liver has been known for a long time. It should be noted that besides the fact that the liver purifies the blood and excretes toxins from the body, it is also involved in the metabolism of several hormones. For example, testosterone (male hormone) is significantly metabolized by the liver and is produced by the testes.

These organs begin to atrophy gradually, and their function reduces under the adverse effects of alcohol. Due to this, the body begins to produce less "male hormone". The testosterone level is reduced, which ultimately leads not only to erectile dysfunction, but also to weight gain.

According to the American scientists, this is reasoned by the fact that the alcohol consumption activates the process of converting the male hormone, testosterone, into the female hormone, estrogen.

Due to the predominance of female hormones above the male, the man starts gaining extra kilos and gains weight on the female type. Symptoms of such obesity type are the fat depositions on the thighs and breast enlargement.

Data from numerous studies show that excessive weight and alcohol have a negative effect on male potency and cause erectile dysfunction.

You can not ignore the fact that in addition to erectile dysfunction, alcohol contributes to the decline in the sperm quality. The number of normal sperm in semen is decreased due to the harmful alcohol effects.

In their investigations, Danish researchers found that excessive alcohol consumption leads to changes in the seminal fluid at the level of reproductive hormones. The more alcohol a man consumes, the lower is the level of sex hormones and his reproductive capacity.

Men, abusing alcohol in adolescence, suffer serious problems in sexual life by the age of thirty. And this is caused by bad habits and alcohol consumption.

According to many experts, erectile dysfunction in men can be associated with disorders of the nervous signals that are transmitted by the brain to the genitals.

Due to the effects of alcohol on the CNS, the nerve impulses are blocked, which typically contribute to the expansion of the small narrowed penile arteries.

Typically, the arterial blood flow into the penis increases sharply, and the blood flow through the veins is almost completely blocked in excitation and normal erection after the nerve impulses enter the penis.

Weak nerve impulses are not able to cause a sufficient blood flow to the erectile tissues of the penis, which should ensure erectile function.

Tactile receptors begin to work less, more nerve terminals cease to feel the pulses, leading to excitation. This is one of the reasons for a weak erection.

According to scientists, about 68% of all erectile dysfunctions develop as a result of arterial blood flow disorders or pathologies of venous outflow.

In addition, alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction can be caused by the poor condition of the vessels or arteries. The intoxication with alcohol causes blood vessels spasms and contributes to atherosclerosis.

Scientific evidence shows that alcohol in large doses promotes blood clotting and thrombus formation. Andrology doctors point out that the deposition of plaques in blood vessels increases under the influence of alcohol, which significantly reduces the blood supply to the penis.

Alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction in men often causes depression, dissatisfaction with themselves and the world, which leads to greater alcohol consumption. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol does not cure depression, but only makes it worse and can lead to unpredictable consequences.

According to the WHO, approximately 150 million males over age 40 suffer from erectile dysfunction. According to experts, ED develops regardless of age, while the excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of this sexual disorder.

Based on numerous studies, it is safe to say that alcohol is a major cause of erectile dysfunction in men. An easy way to get rid of the alcohol-induced erectile dysfunction is to simply give up alcohol and all the habits, affecting potency in a bad manner.

In order to prevent the ED development, experts recommend men to lead a healthy lifestyle and monitor their health.